Knacks Chili-Garlic (40 grams)


Baked crispy with fresh red pepper flakes, garlic, and crushed sesame. Not too spicy; just enough kick to make you grin.

Goes great with beer.

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Contains 40 g ℮ of Knacks in a resealable package.

Verzehrfertig. Kühl und trocken lagern. Hergestellt in Stuttgart.


Brechbohnen, Sojasoße (Wasser, SOJABOHNEN, Salz, WEIZENMEHL, Kaliumsorbat), Kokosöl, SESAMSAMEN, Chiliflocken, Knoblauch.

About Knacks

Parents work hard to get their kids to eat vegetables. It’s tough. Some of us succeed. Some of us are happy that ketchup is made of tomatoes. Luckily, kids are dummies. Season some fresh green beans and lightly bake them into chips, and they happily crunch away.

100 g of Brechbohnen Knacks are made with 650 g of green beans. That’s a lot of green beans.

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