Merry Christmas

We’re taking a few days off to relax and celebrate the holidays. We’ll be back in the new year with some exciting, new developments. 

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Tonight is the last night of our Christmas market here
in Stuttgart.

Sharpening Up

We’ve been busy tying up all the loose ends here at Peapod so that we can start the new year with a bang.

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What I’ve Been Listening To

One of my recent favorite podcasts is called Edible-Alpha. It’s hosted by Tera Johnson, founder of Tera’s Whey, and it’s packed full of useful information and insights into the food industry. Tera talks to guests in the food world about how to grow a successful food business. I’ve been tearing through the episodes, soaking up as much as possible. For anyone interested in the food industry, I think you’ll find it fascinating. 

Happy Thanksgiving

There are so many things I am thankful for this year. Creating Peapod has been one of my favorite parts of the year, and it has only been possible because of the support of my family and friends. Thank you all!

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Pricing and Retail Markups

The last few months have been a study of product pricing. The big question was: how much are customers willing to pay for our product? I was eager to collect lots of data since I didn’t have a good feel for market prices. What I didn’t realize is that we were also gathering valuable information on retail markups. 

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Competition from the Black Forest

Look what I found!

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Our First Disaster

It was the day our first batch of customer-ready jerky was finished. I had hardly slept the night before out of excitement. James and Kiddo met me at the kitchen so we could package it up together. 

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Notes on Fennel Seeds

Here’s a picture of our Old Country Road jerky. Notice the fennel seeds on top?

classic country road beef jerky
Our Old Country Road jerky.
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Customer Feedback

I’m learning a lot by talking to customers. I get all sorts of feedback: some positive, some negative, and a whole range in between. Here are a couple of gems. 

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